ACADEMICS : What is the Curriculum?

At The Lighthouse School education accentuates each student's strengths and provides the tools and understanding to build lifelong success.

The Lighthouse’s philosophy is based on the belief that schools can be flexible and individualized, yet still educate well. Academic achievements vary because of differences in abilities and interests, therefore we offer a unique and flexible learning environment that enables us to customize classes and schedules.

We believe that one curriculum does not fit all.


Along with a college preparatory curriculum, we utilize materials designed to meet the needs of our students with different learning strengths and needs.  We offer an alternative curriculum to address the needs of students who are on track toward graduation but need extra support. We choose materials that are accessible to students who struggle with reading, math, language, or other learning disabilities.

Each student is taught each academic subject on his/her level while also focusing on specific skills that are below his or her overall level of instruction. We focus on building a strong foundation for all students. Students are exposed to grade- and age-appropriate instruction while providing opportunities for remediation and enrichment.

The staff utilizes multimodal teaching methods so each child can learn the material through their strongest learning style. Teachers have access to a multitude of curricular programs and teaching tools which allow them to find a program that fits each student.

We group our students into classes of eight or fewer based on developmental and ability level rather than age.  This allows us to place a child in a classroom that is appropriate academically, socially, and emotionally. With a 4:1 student:faculty ratio, The Lighthouse School's small-class environment guarantees hands-on attention for each student. Our faculty and staff help students acquire the skills that will enable them to have productive and satisfying lives.

The use of computers is an important curricular component throughout the school.  Many classes make frequent use of the school’s personal laptops, and each student has access to a personal laptop to enhance his/her learning experience.

Our curriculum helps ensure that students embrace today's technological tools with age- and skill-appropriate lessons. And in every class, our instructional approach helps students take advantage of all technology has to offer.

Middle School

5th through 8th grades
Students are ability-grouped and attend classes of eight or fewer.
Middle School curriculum includes:
Social Studies
Language Arts
Physical Education & Health

High School

9th-12th grades
Each student receives an individualized schedule based on his/her high school academic needs. Students may be ability-grouped and attend classes of eight or fewer.
High School curriculum includes:
Language Arts (Lit/Comp 9, Lit/Comp 10, American Lit, British Lit, Individualized course)
Mathematics (Concepts of Prob Solving, Concepts of Algebra, Algebra 1, 2, 3, Adv Alg/Trig, Geometry, Pre Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Money Management, Individualized course)
Science (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Forensics, Physics)
History (Geography, US History, World History, Govt & Economics)
Physical Education & Health
Foreign Languages: Spanish
Reading Enrichment

Life Skills
Vocational Education

This curriculum outline shows the major subject area offerings. Additional and alternative course options are offered. Some courses other than those indicated may be scheduled when appropriate for an individual’s schedule and/or abilities.

Elective Courses

Students are offered a variety of elective courses. Offerings may include:

  • Keyboarding
  • Computer Applications
  • Culture Studies
  • Financial Concepts
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Chorus
  • Speech
  • Social Skills


Post Graduate

The Lighthouse’s Post Graduate Program is designed for students transitioning from high school to college or into the professional world. Students learn and practice life skills for success in college or career. This program provides opportunities to further academic skills, social skills, and/or engage in a vocational program.  The program allows students time to enhance skills needed for post-secondary pursuits, work related pursuits, and life skills essential for success.

In addition, the program offers assistance in acclimating into a college environment socially and academically, advocating for services and maintaining those services, test preparation assistance, and strategies for success.

Individual programs are created for each post-graduate.