ADMISSIONS : What is the admissions process?


At The Lighthouse there is no such thing as a typical student.

We accept students with a wide range of special needs that affect their ability to successfully learn in traditional schools with conventional methods. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and have their own unique talents and skills.
We accept students who have experienced academic failure or frustration that has resulted in failing grades, emotional and social insecurities and mild behavior problems. We do not, however, enroll students with persistent or severe behavior difficulties stemming primarily from psychological or emotional problems. If you have questions about whether your child is a good fit for The Lighthouse, please contact us.

The Admissions Process

  • Contact the school 770-632-7100 or Director at to request information
  • Schedule an initial visit and school tour
  • Schedule a student interview and/or student day visit
  • Complete application packet along with evaluations, Individualized Educational Plans, and other relevant supporting documents.
  • The admissions team will review the information and determine if the program can meet the specific learning needs of the student

Application Deadline

The Lighthouse’s rolling admissions policy allows students to join our school at any time during the school year. If you think we could unlock your child's greatest potential and confidence, contact us today to schedule your initial meeting.