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Regular School Hours

Academic program:


The Lighthouse is fully accredited by The Georgia Accrediting Commission, Inc.

Lighthouse Students

Our program is appropriate for students in grades 5-12 with any of the following learning challenges:
Specific Learning Disability
High Functioning Autism
Other Health Impaired
Language, sensory, visual, auditory processing
Reading, Reading Comprehension, Spelling
Math calculation and concepts
Written expression
Executive Functioning
Social Skills

Our Approach

At The Lighthouse we take an individualized “whole child” approach.  This enables us to determine the most effective interventions whether academic, social, developmental, and/or emotional for each child.  We enable the child to experience success both through accommodations and through remediation. The accommodations allow for immediate success; the remediation leads to lasting success.

Program Components

  • Small groups to allow for individualized assistance
  • Multi-sensory learning with the integration of technology
  • Regular academic programs with adaptations of lessons and materials to meet the particular needs of students
  • Differentiated learning in order for students to progress at their own rate and in their own way
  • Curriculum and overall experience designed to build a strong foundation for future learning and success, giving each student the opportunity to achieve their full potential
  • An environment where every child feels welcomed and valued
  • A tailored educational approach based on the unique learning style, strengths and challenges of each student
  • An open athletic program encouraging every student to participate and learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Extra-curricular activities including social activities
  • Customized student schedules based on future goals and graduation requirements
  • Skill development focused on living independently, building job skills and preparing for post-secondary education
  • Post-graduate Program providing support services for students’ preparation for successful transition after graduation
  • College-bound students receive coaching for college study and for the admissions process and support services once enrolled