OUR COMMITMENT : How is The Lighthouse School Different?

At The Lighthouse students with potential and skills, who face daily frustration and challenges, can have an educational home.

The Lighthouse is committed to providing an appropriate curriculum for students with disabilities to achieve academic credit. The school's goal and commitment is to provide an appropriate and challenging academic curriculum so students can succeed - now and in the future. Our mission is to pave the way for a fulfilling future by providing a customized learning program focusing on individual needs, learning styles, and goals. We strive to provide a learning environment where children feel valued, capable and empowered.

We see students for who they are today and who they will be tomorrow.

The Lighthouse specializes in the needs of children with high functioning Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, specific learning disabilities, and other learning, social, and emotional challenges.  Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, educational environment in partnership with faculty, staff, students and parents.  The Lighthouse family embraces the uniqueness of every child and challenges and inspires them to reach their full potential.  Our whole child curriculum encourages the development of life skills essential in becoming self-sufficient adults.

The Lighthouse Philosophy

The Lighthouse is dedicated to the belief that faculty, staff, students and parents are all involved in our children’s education in a responsible, nurturing and supportive way.  We strive to create an accepting and nurturing atmosphere and to instill in our students a sense of empowerment and self confidence.  We teach beneficial life skills so that our students grow into confident and productive adults who have the skills to pursue their goals. The Lighthouse continually changes and develops a curriculum that recognizes the educational needs of each student.  We respect the learning diversity of each student.  We infuse our curriculum with instruction in the areas of life skills, problem solving, social skills, critical thinking and decision making skills.  The curriculum aims to develop and enhance abilities, giving appropriate guidance with realistic expectations.  The curriculum promotes helping students develop strategies to cope with frustration, stress and anxiety along with motivating them to assert themselves in a positive way.  We acknowledge that accepting learning and social differences needs proper support.  The entire faculty and staff provides guidance and expertise to help each child reach their fullest potential and personal goals.